Trans activity is indispensable in the production, circulation and distribution. In particular, during the country are stepping up the process of integration and economic exchange, logistics is becoming an important link in the economy. This shows that the demand for logistics services of production enterprises, the current trade is essential and relatively high.

Foreseeing this trend, our company has continued to invest in infrastructure and human resources, focus on developing a strong array of logistics services to become more complete service chain of international standards aimed better meet customer requirements.

Infrastructure systems serving logistics services in our company is fully invested and professionally:

– Total area: 55,000 m2; Warehouse area: 22,000 m2 (including customs clearance warehouse system, warehouse, cold storage …)

– System complete infrastructure, adequate means of specialized equipment.

– Equipped with enough manpower, the means to receive, complete customs procedures and other necessary procedures for export and import goods, container handling, play, draw customers, retail collection, delivery consignees, shipping and other services to serve convenient, fast and efficient for the import and export activities of Hanoi and the surrounding areas.

Therefore, use of logistic services in our company is the right choice and added convenience for business customers.

Logistics service slogan of our company is: “Peace of mind for quality”. That’s the message that we’re trying to do and want to bring to all customers.