Correct standard truck

According to Circular 42/2014 / TT-BGTVT newly issued MOT 15/9, truck and tipper truck covered roof, car and truck cisterns must meet a number of new provisions. New regulations on truck tighten safety standards and overloading combat Accordingly, the truck must have a solid structure, to ensure safety for transporting goods, with the floor, the […]


New Decree on multimodal transport

Goods transport international multimodal inspection exemption of customs fact, except for some cases if suspicious signs of drug trafficking, weapons and other prohibited goods. Exemption from customs inspection of actual goods with multimodal transportation International is one of the important contents of the Decree on multimodal transport newly issued government. Decree 87/2009 / ND-CP on […]


The role of transport in the freight

Fabrics can download an important function, especially in the transportation of goods. Any process of social production also requires the participation of transport. No transport is not possible to download the xuat. Van essential for all stages the production process, from input when transporting materials, fuels, materials for production processes the output is exported to […]