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BWG supporting Local sustainable development

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BWG not only developing bamboo products, creating thousands of jobs for the people in Hoa Binh and Thanh Hoa provinces, we also help taking care of people heath, improving local people cultural lives by supporting cultural activities, building Thai Museum etc. 
CONSERVATION AND DEVELOPMENT OF  THE ETHNIC MINORITY                          Traditional dance in Van Village of Thai minority.
As a social enterprise, along with developing local economic, we also pay much attention to preserve and develop the identity culture of the ethnic groups where factories located.
In Mai Chau, we are building a model of sustainable economic development associated with community-based tourism and conservation of Thai culture in Van village (Ban Van). The Thai people in Ban Van is one of the ethnic minorities in the Northwestern with about 100 households. The majority of the families are still in poor condition with the main occupation is the traditional farming in the uplands including rice, corn, cassava and recently growing bamboo.


BWG builds Thai Museum in Ban Van, March 2016.

BWG has been cooperating with the local authorities and Ban Van people to build the new sustainable economic model: to develop bamboo forest and argriculture (crop & livestock) production applying Japanese biotechnology in combination community tourism “Home stay”. In 2015, the BWG has also completed the construction of the Museum of Thai in Ban Van to help preserve Thai culture and help develop tourism. In addition, we collaborate with Thai people to restore traditional cultural activities such as weaving, clothing and leisure activities such as games, traditional dance.

Because the facility of hospical in Mai Chau is very poor, every year we organize for a group of doctors from different famous hospitals in Hanoi to examine for free for the local people. If any one need futher treaments they will be transfer to Hospital in Hanoi for better treaments.

We also bring Vietnamese famous belove singers to Mai Chau to perform in local stadium when the Spring Tet Holiday. The event is the most watiting event in the year as they can meet their belove singer s on TV now performing lives just for them! In the event, BWG also present gifts and supports for many local poor familes and childend that bring about a better Test holiday for everyone in Mai Chau. 

All in all, our ultimate aim is to bring about sustainable development to the local people: economic development, environment preservation, health development and cultural conservation and development.


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