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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


To become the most competitive and modern industrial bamboo factory producing high quality innovative eco-friendly bamboo products.


Our mission is “To enhance the health of human and the Earth” through the development of environmentally friendly bamboo products and bamboo forest in the Northwest of Vietnam.
 The development of bamboo production and consumption will help eradicating hunger and reducing poverty for the people in the Northwest - The poorest region of Vietnam.


WHOLE HEART: We always take great care, spend our “whole heart”of everything we do, no matter how small, with our customer in mind and exceeding their needs and expectations. BWG adopts a customer-centered approach and considers customer satisfaction as the measure of success.

CREDIBILITY: BWG places utmost importance on building its Credibility. We believe Credibility is a competitive advantage and we always completely fulfill commitments with partners and customers, particularly on those related to product quality and production schedule.

CREATIVITY: BWG promotes innovation, considers Creativity as a vital factor that determines the existence and development of the Company. BWG promotes the spirit of creativity, daring to think, actively exploring new technologies in production and management to improve the quality of products and services.

SPEED: BWG consider “Speed and efficiency in every activity” is fundermentalfactor to grow and remain being competitive. We believe that “Glory goes to those who meets deadline”. BWG understands the importance of speed whilst upholding its commitment to quality. Speed keeps BWG being pioneer in the field of industrial bamboo production.


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